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Why Finchley Hearing?

Your hearing is an incredibly important and complex sense, and making the right choices to keep this sense working at its best can be daunting.  Finchley Hearing was founded on a commitment to providing audiology patients with the highest standard of evidence-based, ethical practices in hearing healthcare.  Dr David Engelman, founder and audiologist at Finchley Hearing, maintains registrations with the Health & Care Professions Council as both a hearing aid dispenser and clinical scientist. All of his practices are rooted in scientific evidence, and guided by your own unique needs. This ensures the highest quality of care for your hearing. 

Our goal at Finchley Hearing is to educate and empower our patients, so that they can become their own advocates for their audiological wellbeing.  We are a fully independent clinic, and are not a subsidiary of any external entities, hearing aid manufacturers, or high street brands.  We will always be friendly and professional, and provide you and your loved ones with the knowledge and support to make informed decisions.  We will always remain unbiased and transparent regarding our recommendations, fees, and overall approach.  If you decide to be fitted with hearing aids through Finchley Hearing, you are not simply purchasing a product, but also our expertise and support, which will help you maximise the benefit you receive from your hearing aids.  Whether you have worn hearing aids for many years, or only just started to think about having your hearing checked, we will be there to guide you in making the best choices for your hearing health.  

Why Finchley Hearing
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