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Hearing protection

Hearing Protection

If you are regularly exposed to high levels of noise, your ears can be at serious risk of permanent damage.  Noise can damage the microscopic sound receptors inside the inner ear called the hair cells,  and this damage cannot be repaired.  This typically leads to a loss of hearing, as well as tinnitus.  Prevention of noise exposure is crucial.  If you work with high levels of noise, such as in music or certain industries, or engage in noisy hobbies such as shooting sports or DIY, it is very important to protect your ears and preserve your hearing.

We offer a full range of custom fitted earplugs that can be used for live music, working, hobbies, sleeping, and swimming.  A brief consultation to discuss your needs, along with taking impressions of your ears will be required.  This involves a quick and easy procedure where putty is put into your ears so that an accurate mould can be made.  If your ears are found to be blocked with wax, this will need to be removed prior to ear impression taking.  Please see a description of the associated fees below


Custom Earplugs: £60 to £120 per pair*
Consultation & Ear Impressions: £49

Earwax Removal (may be required for ear impressions): £49

*Prices vary according to earplug style/sound attenuation requirements, to be discussed and considered during your consultation.

**This is a discounted rate that applies to earwax removal when booked in conjunction with a consultation and ear impressions.  The standalone earwax removal fee is £69.

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