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Hearing Aid

Hearing Aids

At Finchley Hearing, we are pleased to offer a complete range of hearing aids and accessories.  As an independently owned practice, we are able to prescribe hearing aids from all major manufacturers.  This allows us to fit the best hearing aid based on your specific hearing loss, needs, concerns, and budget.  

Hearing aids are very advanced, high-tech instruments.  Contrary to popular belief, they do not simply make sounds "louder".  To work properly, a hearing aid must be prescribed by an audiologist, who will then program the hearing aid to the patient's hearing loss.  The audiologist will then need to ensure that the hearing aid is providing just the right amount of sound at each specific frequency of reduced hearing.  Hearing aids have computer chips built into them, and make use of complex signal processing algorithms to analyse all of the sound that enters the hearing aid.  This can allow the hearing aid, for example, to focus more on a conversation, rather than background noise.  We have an article on our blog which describes in a bit more detail just how hearing aids work, which can be found by clicking here.

Hearing aids are available in a very wide range of styles and technology levels.  The styles can range from very small, almost invisible devices that are custom fitted to the patient's ear canal, to larger "behind-the-ear" models.  There are many factors that will help determine the best type of hearing aid for each patient.  These include the severity of the patient's hearing loss, the type of environments that the patient regularly finds themselves in (for example, is the patient mostly in quiet places, noisy places, or a bit of a mix?), and general cosmetic preferences.  Please check out our series of blog articles entitled "Which Hearing Aid is Best?", to learn more about the different styles, technology levels, and manufacturers of hearing aid that are available.

There are also a number of assistive hearing technologies and accessories that are available that can help maximise the benefit you receive from your hearing aids.  These devices can help provide additional support for places such as a noisy restaurant, or for watching television or talking on the telephone.  

As part of your initial consultation with us, we will help guide you through all of these choices and decisions. Your hearing aids will come with a 60-day return policy, five-year warranty, and will automatically be covered by our Aftercare & Support Plan. Please see the below link for more information about this plan.


Hearing Aids: £855 to £2265 per hearing aid.*

*The majority of patients will require two hearing aids (i.e. one pair).  Prices vary based on manufacturer, style, and technology level, which will be discussed and considered during your initial consultation.

An Initial Consultation & Assessment fee of £99, along with a Hearing Aid Fitting fee of £149, will be applied as a deposit towards the total cost of the hearing aids.  These fees will only be retained in the event that the hearing aids are returned for a refund.

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