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Hearing aid aftercare

Aftercare & Support

When you purchase hearing aids through Finchley Hearing, they will automatically come with our Aftercare & Support Plan at no additional fee.  The plan currently lasts for a full five years, and will cover your hearing aids with a repair warranty, along with a full supply of any consumable items that your specific hearing aids may require, such as batteries or filters.  

To ensure you are hearing at your best and maximising the benefit you receive from your hearing aids, the plan also covers biannual visits with us.  This includes an annual hearing review, as well as six-monthly follow-ups/hearing aid servicing.  

Additional appointments or services outside of what is included with our Aftercare & Support Plan may be chargeable, and a menu of associated fees can be found below.  A minimum appointment fee of £49 will apply.  


Consultation & Hearing Assessment: £99

Follow-up Consultation: £49

Servicing & Adjustments: £49

Hearing Aid Reprogramming: £75 (for reprogramming and fine tuning of hearing aids dispensed by another provider)

Earwax Removal: £69

Manufacturer repair: £150 to £200*

In-house repair: £50 to £150**

*Prices vary per manufacturer
**Prices vary per nature of repair

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